PivotalGrowth Clients Testimonials


“Ted has been a terrific resource for Peapod. He has a keen understanding of people and company cultures and is able to drive quickly to the core of issues. Ted gave us candid feedback with practical, concrete steps for creating the organizational changes we needed, which improved the effectiveness and morale in several areas of our organization.  He is a fantastic resource that I would recommend to any company which needs organizational help.”

Andrew Parkinson, President, Peapod Inc.


“The coaching I received from Ted was far more impactful than any other coaching I have received. He has an extraordinary commitment and willingness to tell the truth as he sees it without regard to being popular, which is very rare and very powerful for an individual at my level.”

John Yates, Chief Medical Officer, Array Biopharma, Inc.


“After working with Ted we went from chaos to an efficient and powerful team.  He assisted our organization in learning how to work effectively to meet a key business goal with tight deadlines.  We met the project timelines, produced the deliverables, and our employees developed new skills and techniques from his coaching.”

Kathy White, Director of Compliance & Operations Training, Large Pharma Company

“Ted has a unique and uncanny ability to quickly cut through the clutter and get to the core of an issue.  His interpersonal style instills trust and inspires his clients to effectively work through roadblocks so they achieve their goals and experience higher levels of success.”

Bill Reedy, President, Reedy Industries, Inc.

“Ted pushed me to learn new things and express my thoughts, while holding myself and others accountable.  He helped me by emphasizing the importance of open and honest communication.  After I started with Ted I was full of energy and motivated to continue to grow.”

Jessie Isenberg, Project Team Lead, Large Pharma Company

“Ted worked interactively with our team over a period of time and he helped us understand the areas where we were coming up short.  He helped us face facts in terms of personality dynamics and accountability, and how if these issues aren’t addressed in an honest way, a slow erosion of trust, performance and teamwork can occur.”

John Burchard, SVP and CIO, Peapod Inc.

“Ted Mersino has a style of open communication, results-oriented focus, and personal mentoring approach. He provided valuable communication between technical and business teams – helping establish clear objectives for the technical experts which directly supported the overall business needs.  Moreover, he is a pleasure to work with… responsive, professional, and he delivers!”

Joy Mix, Senior IT Business Systems Analyst, Large Pharma Company

“When I fully embraced Ted’s leadership approach, it began to transform my work and my life.  His approach equipped me to be a more effective and confident leader.”

Joel Wallen, Project Team Lead, Large Pharma Company

 “Ted Mersino has exceptional listening skills that result in effective facilitation and the development of strong working relationships.”

Terry McAdam, First Vice President, Bank One