Ted Mersino serves as the founder of PivotalGrowth Inc. a consulting firm focused on developing executive and management teams to remove roadblocks to high performance. His effectiveness comes from his understanding of people and organizations coupled with his understanding of the human needs that facilitate change. He is an assertive and articulate facilitator with the ability to effectively lead change and organizational growth while fostering team work and continuous performance improvement.

Ted Mersino has 20 years of management consulting with 10 years of executive coaching. Executives like his ability to get to the root of issues by asking insightful questions based on his knowledge of corporate culture, leadership and organizational psychology.

He has sound communication and client-relationship skills that enable him to successfully facilitate and manage the organizational change required to integrate large projects for forward-thinking companies looking to improve efficiency, workflow functionality and customer service.

He has worked at both Fortune 500 companies and up and coming companies, including Top Craft Breweries, International Pharmaceuticals, National Banks, National Insurance Companies, and International High Tech Companies.

He has received his Master of Science in Management and Organizational Behavior at Benedictine University. He received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Michigan State University and continues his life long learning in leadership development.